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Nebulosity Scripting

Updating for Nebulosity 4

Nebulosity is a very popular package to assist in image acquisition, calibration, and processing. I tried out version 3 and found that I didn't care for the camera control, particularly for my case of LRGB imaging.

I set out to create a script generator and executer that would feed commands to Nebulosity in a way that permits pauses for refocusing. I never purchased Nebulosity, so the project fell by the wayside.

Since then, version 4 has been released with some nice new features. I'm currently looking at the trial version to see if it's something I want to use.

Synthetic Field

In Progress

Synthetic field flattening is relatively simple. Given work I've done in the past fitting atmospheric pressure fields to an irregular array of observations, I thought I'd use that approach to build flat fields from an image.

The goal was to generate a grid of points on the image at which the background brightness would be estimated, then fit a surface to these values and subtract (or scale) the image to reduce gradients due to light pollution, vignetting, and sensor variations. Users are able to edit the points (remove or add new ones) and save the adjustment field as an image for further application if desired.

It's currently under development.