Mirror about to start grinding process

ATM and Miscellaneous Projects

(Page under construction, Naturally)

Astronomical League Bright Nebula Program Mirror Grinding Stand based on the Stellafane truss design, modified to have six truss poles instead of eight. Six struts are good enough for Dobs, so why not a grinding stand? The wider separation of the struts makes it easier for me to use my preferred ballast of 40# bags of water softener salt pellets.

Astronomical League Planetary Nebula Program pin Power supply for Canon 2Ti DSLR utilizing a DC to DC down-converter. This will enable me to image powered by a single deep-cycle 12V battery that will run the camera, mount and dew preventer.

Astronomical League Arp Peculiar Galaxy Program pin I have a lot of mirrors waiting to be finished. 10", 8", and 6" mirrors, all at f/5, are in need of parabolizing. Part of the reason for building the above grinding stand is that it will also serve as a platform for mirror testing.

Astronomical League Arp Peculiar Galaxy Program pin

Extension for CGEM hand control cable. Celestron has been making the hand control cable too short for years. This continues despite the fact that turning the mount in some ways will pull the handset right out of its holster on the tripod leg, and that the short length makes for some awkward postures when working with the mount. The fix is relatively simple.

Yes, I know there are cable extenders, but all that I'm aware of employ the same heavy, coiled cable used by Celestron. The added length can become quite droopy, which is in some ways even worse than being too short.