Rainfall over Lake Yellowstone

Sky and Heaven

The Moon in enhanced color

Welcome to the home page of an amateur astronomer whose interests range far and wide. Imaging is my current passion. Want to try it out for yourself? Here's some help getting started.

Feel free to browse. In addition to content here there's a blog, The Net of Stars at blogger.com, that's filled mostly with odds and ends documenting my experiences in the hobby. You can also find quite a few of my images at AstroBin.

Under AL Programs you'll find the images I'm collecting as I work my way through several of the Astronomical League's Observing Programs.

I'm a former educational software programmer, and even though I'm retired I like to code. You'll find a couple of projects here.

I also like to create hardware that makes my life easier. You'll find simple projects here that might interest you. And if I ever finish the several mirrors I'm working on, they'll also be described in this section.

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