a processed image

2016 Northern Nights Star Fest

Links for Saturday Presentation

Corrected AL Bright Nebula Program Object List - PDF

Corrected AL Bright Nebula Program Object List - Excel 2007

This applies to the version released by the AL in June 2016.
An MS Word version is available upon request.

M31/110 image with AL Globular Clusters (Except G1 and G2)

There are 28 globulars within M31 and M110.
G1 and G2 are some distance removed from the visible disk of M31.

M33 Image annotated with AL GloBular Clusters

There are four program globulars within M33.

My AL Bright Nebula Images

These images and the linked corrected list on the page are for the old ALBN List,
not the new version released in June 2016.


Images From NNSF 2016

All images created using TeleVue-102 telescope at f/7 and a Canon T2i modded DSLR. Except for one pretty picture from Saturday night, I was in quantity, not quality, mode. Across three nights I bagged one Arp galaxy and four globulars for Astronomical League Observing Programs.



NGC 1023 (Arp 135; Arp Program object)
Arp 135 is the galaxy at left; on right is galaxy IC 439

Palomar 13 (AL Globular Program object)
Underwhelming, isn't it? Magnitude 13.8 and only 42" in diameter.
It doesn't look significantly better at full scale, so I'm unsure if it should count toward list completion.

NGC 1499 ("California Nebula")
Only 68m total exposure, so a lot of noise. Glow at bottom center edge is light from Xi Per (Menkib). This is not for any program I'm working on--I just wanted it.


All images taken with same telescope & camera and are shown reduced 50%.

NGC 5466 (AL Globular Program object)

NGC 6229 (AL Globular Program object)

NGC 6341 (Messier 92) (AL Globular Program object)

NGC 6760 (AL Globular Program object)


NGC 281 ("Pacman Nebula")
This isn't for any list I'm currently working on. I just wanted one pretty picture.
If only it hadn't clouded over at 11:30!