NGC 7000 (North America Nebula),
IC 5070, IC 5067, and IC 5068 (Pelican Nebula)

Note: The AL list includes IC 5068 as a part of the Pelican. I could not find another source that does this.
Because of its postion relative to the Pelican it has been sometimes been referred to as the "Pelican's Rest."
I've included an image of IC 5068 to comply with the list.

IC 5068

North America and Pelican (IC 5070 + IC 5067)

Observing Site Iowa Star Party
Date and time 8/31/13 (2006-2130)
Lynds scale 1 (North america, est.) 2 (Pelican, est.)
Sky Darkness 3
Sky Transparency good
Moon magnitude not in sky
Imaging Telescope AT72ED
Imaging Camera ST-8300M
Acquisition L 5x180s, R 10x180s, G 7x180s, B 5x180s
Calibration dark 20, bias 20

Pelican's Rest (IC 5068)

Observing Site Burnsville
Date and time 11/14-15/13 (2229-0045)
Lynds scale North is up: left to right, 3, 2 (LBN 328), and 5
Sky Darkness 7
Sky Transparency good
Moon magnitude -12.5
Imaging Telescope AT65EDQ
Imaging Camera ST-8300M
Acquisition Ha 29x300s
Calibration dark 40, bias 40, flat 40, flatdark 40