NGC 6523 (Lagoon Nebula), NGC 6526, LBN 26

This is a very confusing group of list items, with the AL providing no guidance in sorting it out.
NGC 6526 is commonly considered the same object as NGC 6523, meaning that it's a duplicate item.
However, some contend it is where I've indicated in the mouseover.

Observing Site Iowa Star Party
Date(s) 8/29/2013 (2139-2345)
Lynds brightness NGC 6532: 1 (est.)
NGC 6526: 5 (est.)
LBN 26: 2

Sky Darkness 3
Sky Transparency fair
Moon magnitude not in sky
Imaging Telescope AT72ED
Imaging Camera ST-8300M
Acquisition L 9x180s, R 9x180s, G 10x180s, B 9x180s
Calibration dark 20, bias 20