NGC 6334 (Cat's Paw Nebula) and Sh 2-8

Observing Site Nebraska Star Party
Date and time 7/28-29/2014 (2246-0006)
Lynds brightness 2 (est)
Sky Darkness 1
Sky Transparency poor
Moon magnitude not in sky
Imaging Telescope AT65EDQ
Imaging Camera ST-8300M

L 8x180s, R 5x180s, G 5x180s, B 3x180s
RGB binned 2x2

Calibration dark 20, bias 20, flat 40

I could not find a documented distinction between
NGC 6334 and Sh 2-8. Possibly the "toe pads" are
6334 and the area of extended nebulosity is Sh 2-8.